Our web site is central to our package of services... Advantex has assisted us in developing improved interactive activities for senior citizens and children enjoying our site. The work is consistently delivered without error...

Advantex [also] hosts our web site... We've gone through two former hosting companies, in which we often held our collective breath regarding whether our web site would be fully functional. This anxiety is gone. Our product must work around the clock. With Advantex, we've found certainty it will. Whether it be web site development or hosting services, Advantex is a winner...our winner!

Tony Fama, President
Maria-Madeline Project, Inc.

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Our Mission

Advantex will persist in its mission of providing technical consulting services in an efficient, cost-effective, project-oriented environment.  We will continue to be steadfast provider of computer network consultation, web site and web applications development, database design and administration, and e-commerce.  We accomplish this by focusing on forming effective strategic alliances, efficient business methodology, customized client care, lower service fees, and by providing knowledgeable and understanding representatives.

Company Profile

Advantex was founded in 1997, immediately establishing alliances with two local business entities with intent to carry a customized software and network design solution to a national level.  That national project has yielded an Intranet/Extranet Solution with thousands of users, and a successful, database-driven public website with e-commerce.  We also began promptly serving a growing number of clients in the local community with network administration, troubleshooting and upgrade consultation, as well as computer sales and service.

Added to the list of quality services offered by ATCS in 1999 was the Advantex Web Hosting Service.  This new service provides fast, reliable web hosting and database servers at an exceptional cost--adding value to our Internet services.  (Addendum: In November of 2002, the entire Advantex hosting system was upgraded and relocated to a new state-of-the art datacenter, allowing us to continue offering quality services at competitive rates.)

To support the growing number of Internet software and database development clients, in September of 2000, Advantex underwent a change in the services offered, focusing primarily on Internet-based technologies, network design consulting, and large-scale network administration; phasing out computer sales, repair and training, network installation and maintenance, and non-Internet software development from its list of offerings.

Advantex provides a broad array of custom Web development and design services using the Macromedia Business Platform technologies. The Macromedia developer community as a whole boasts years of industry experience and a wealth of skilled resources that have made interactive agencies, system integrators, and consultants the experts that companies of every size, small independents to Fortune 500, rely on to build and deploy scalable, secure Web applications. We are proud to be a member of this community of consultants and developers.

In July of 2002, Advantex Technical Consulting Services became a Limited Liability Company (Advantex LLC).

Today, we offer your business our experience in local area and wide area computer network design and administration consulting; Internet and Intranet planning, development, implementation and hosting; migration planning and database design and administration.

Advantex applies the concept of "Distributed Content Management" to each Internet website or web application built for its clients. DCM allows the organization itself to manage its Internet presence, without the overhead of outsourcing or hiring staff to keep a website up-to-date. User-friendly, reliable front-end interfaces allow anyone in the organization to add, update, or remove content.

Although we function outside your organization, we approach each new project as if we are a PART of your organization, to integrate the knowledge and needs of your staff with our total project solution. 

Our low-overhead business methodology ensures reasonable rates.  Regular review and updates of your project status ensures that we provide a business solution that is accurate and complete, with a low Total Cost of Ownership.  This secures the relevance and cost-effectiveness of our work at all times.

Read what a few of our clients have already said about us, and become an Advantex client today!

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