Our web site is central to our package of services... Advantex has assisted us in developing improved interactive activities for senior citizens and children enjoying our site. The work is consistently delivered without error...

Advantex [also] hosts our web site... We've gone through two former hosting companies, in which we often held our collective breath regarding whether our web site would be fully functional. This anxiety is gone. Our product must work around the clock. With Advantex, we've found certainty it will. Whether it be web site development or hosting services, Advantex is a winner...our winner!

Tony Fama, President
Maria-Madeline Project, Inc.

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Developers: Have you ever wanted to see what's going on inside your ColdFusion server and applications? Now you can.
See what's going on inside your CF apps


We're glad you're here! You've reached the website for Advantex LLC, Technical Consulting Services. Whether you need website development, hosting, managed servers, or network consultation, we're here to help. Use the menu in the upper left of the page to find out more! 

What's New:

 Dedicated Servers -- Yours or Ours?

To be honest, it doesn't matter.

If you want to build your own hardware and put it in our racks, we can do that.

If you want us to take your specifications and intended use and build out a quality server to run your web app or website, we can do that.

We can maintain patches (tested on our internal servers prior to deployment) for Windows systems for you if you like.  We can set up custom monitoring.  Custom deployment schedules and custom scheduled downtime?  We can do that, and more.

So if you are hosting in a shared hosting environment and are tired of being lumped in with everyone else, and having web site performance and reliability suffer as a result... just contact us.  We're here to help - a company focused on personal attention that the big companies sometimes have trouble providing.

Oh, and the prices are right, too!

Simply put:  Tier III datacenter, top-notch physical location security, diligent backups and monitoring, and a great network -- combined with the server of your choice, you can't go wrong.

Also, daily backups to our archive system, with 4 week data retention, are included at no additional charge.

Because of our fanatical, diligent system maintenance and monitoring, our reliability has been near 100%, with downtime during any given incident averaging 15 minutes or less.  For all of 2008, our uptime analysis averaged out to less than 3 minutes of downtime per *month* for all servers and the various networks.

We're not sidetracked by other ventures such as pushing cell phones, dialup service, or being part of a larger conglomerate. We're just dedicated to reliable hosting for all the sites we build AND for customers looking for a reliable "home for their home page". We want our sites up and running... period. And that's what we acheive.

With your Advantex hosting or dedicated server account, reliable and REGULARLY TESTED power redundancy is included... with all the equipment needed to keep your website online REGARDLESS of regional or local power problems. Battery backups, with multiple redundant generators are all part of the plan to keep the entire hosting system online at all times.  That's part of what being a Tier III datacenter is all about.

Our point? Forget how important your website is to YOU -- how important is it to your current host?

If you would like a custom quote for dedicated/managed server hosting, or if you're in the area and would like to schedule a tour of our datacenter, please don't hesitate to contact us!



 Advantex Server Maintenance Service

ASMS - Let our qualified server administrators check your server on a weekly or monthly basis -- complete reports delivered by email help you keep track of Windows Update status, contents of system logs, drive space usage, and more. Monthly fees include proactive troubleshooting and resolution for a wide range of issues. Gain true Peace of Mind -- knowing that someone is keeping a close eye on your servers, and being as proactive as possible to prevent downtime. Windows Updates tested in-house before deployment on your servers increases reliability and prevent downtime caused by deploying untested updates. Customized service levels available. Contact us today!






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