Our web site is central to our package of services... Advantex has assisted us in developing improved interactive activities for senior citizens and children enjoying our site. The work is consistently delivered without error...

Advantex [also] hosts our web site... We've gone through two former hosting companies, in which we often held our collective breath regarding whether our web site would be fully functional. This anxiety is gone. Our product must work around the clock. With Advantex, we've found certainty it will. Whether it be web site development or hosting services, Advantex is a winner...our winner!

Tony Fama, President
Maria-Madeline Project, Inc.

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Developers: Have you ever wanted to see what's going on inside your ColdFusion server and applications? Now you can.
See what's going on inside your CF apps


Online Support/FAQs

CLICK HERE to visit our official support website - knowledge base and full trouble ticketing system is now online!

Click HERE to access our HOSTING FAQs.?(Will eventually be migrated to our knowledge base on the main support website, listed above.)

Standard Support

Standard support for our products and services is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.? In general, using our SUPPORT WEBSITE to send your request for support is?most efficient; this allows us to enter your message into our tracking system and?keep it active until resolution, and properly prioritize all support messages.? We will do our best to respond to your inquiries as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

Emergency Support

Advantex offers emergency services to new and existing clients. Emergency Services may incur higher hourly rates; if we are unable to perform the services for any reason, no invoice is issued. Use the form below to request Emergency Service. A minimum Emergency Service fee of $70 may apply.
  • Emergency ColdFusion and SQL Server Development.?? ColdFusion problem holding up your project? Need an extra hand, or just an extra set of eyes? Get a Macromedia Certified ColdFusion developer quickly. Subject to availability; only projects with well defined specifications will be accepted. Fusebox-based projects preferred.

  • Emergency Server Support.?? Got an issue with a ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL or IIS Web Server? Support is available for IIS 4+, SQL Server 7+, ColdFusion 4.01+. Other configurations also supported. If we cannot solve the problem, no charge is incurred.

  • Other Computer-Related Issues.?? Perhaps none of the above categories apply, but you still need computer assistance, "Right Now". Send a message using our support ticketing system, and we'll contact you with any assistance we can offer.
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